12 Week Nutrition Coaching Program

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The 12 week program starts with an initial 60 minute office consult where we delve into:

  • Your personal goals
  • Your existing nutrition patterns
  • Your existing fitness patterns
  • We obtain current measurements
  • We obtain “before” photos

Based on this information, you will receive an in depth plan to get you on your personal path to wellness and complete body health. A customized menu plan complete with delicious recipes will be provided and updated throughout the program. This ensures that you will always be inspired by food. A tailored fitness plan will be devised specifically for your busy lifestyle. This will include activities for the gym and for at home so you never get bored. You will also be provided with supplement suggestions to benefit your body and mind and help reach your potential.

This 12 week program was inspired by our society and the habits we fall into. It was was developed with the knowledge that diets or quick fixes don’t work, we must break old habits, reset and create new routines that can be followed for a lifetime. You will receive continual support and encouragement throughout your evolution.

Every week you will have a 30 minute office consult to ensure you are maintaining your plans and reaching your goals. You will:

  • Discuss new routines
  • Identify any issues
  • Obtain new measurements
  • Update photos

Every day you will receive motivational texts. You will be provided online assistance via email should you have questions throughout the program. You will also find support within our online Facebook discussion group.

Contact Natasha to see if our 12 Week Program is right for you.

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FACT: “You can NOT out train a bad diet.”

“Nutrition is 80% of the battle when it comes to revealing the body you desire to have and with so many options out there today… where do you start?

I will help guide you through the process of healing yourself from the inside out while nourishing your soul and igniting your taste buds. On the contrary to what you’ve heard in the past, healthy eating doesn’t have to taste bad.

Let me show you how to shed pounds and feel better in your body, all while loving your food.”

Other things you should know:

Natasha Mackesey is a Certified Raw Food Chef, Sports Nutrition Counsellor, Wellness Advisor & Fitness Coach.

This service may be used with Health Spending Accounts. Contact your provider for details. We require payment in full at time of booking the 12 Week Program. Please contact us if you have further questions about this program.

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