Arm Numbness

Have you been experiencing numbness or tingling down your arms?

If the pain radiates down the entire arm, it may be due to pinched nerves in your neck. These symptoms may range from mild to severe. If it lasts for any length of time, we recommend a visit to your family physician. Sometimes it can indicate a more serious condition.

If your numbness and tingling is on and off, it is likely neurological. Nerves can become pinched due to joint dysfunctions or muscle tightness. Luckily, massage therapy can help! Book your appointment below by clicking on the ‘book appointment’ button.

Why does a pinched nerve in the neck cause numbness and tingling down the arms?

The nerves that run through your neck innervate your arms. This means they run from the brain down your arm and help you move your shoulder and elbow any which way you please.

The nerves that control these actions are located at the bottom of the cervical spine and top of the thoracic spine. A herniated disc or injury in these spots may compress the nerve creating numbness and tingling sensations through the shoulder and down the arm.

One of the primary causes of a pinched nerve in the neck is a poor sleeping position at night. Your pillow may not be adequate, or you may sleep in a position that irritates it. Other causes include poor posture causing strained muscles. For other types of arm pain, check out our article here.

How can I relieve the numbness and tingling in my arms?

At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our trained and experienced therapists can help you get back to feeling your best. Click the ‘book appointment’ button below and book your appointment right now.


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