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I founded Athlete’s Choice Massage because I realized there was a lack of options for deep tissue massage, and I wanted to ensure people had a place they could turn to for high-quality, professional help.

Courtney Hebert


Local Athlete - Courtney Hebert Courtney Hebert grew up on a farm in St.Paul, Alberta. She's now a full time student at the University of Alberta studying Kinesiology where she’s also a Long

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Competitive Paragliding


What is your sport: Competitive Paragliding Paragliding is a light-weight, free-flying glider aircraft where the person sits below the suspended wing in a harness. The glider is able to control the aircraft via

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What is your sport: Cycling After the introduction of bikes in the late 19th century, competitions and races soon originated across the globe. The famous, Tour de France, held its first race in


Beach Volleyball


What is your sport: Beach Volleyball Beach volleyball originates from indoor volleyball. It’s thought that the first beach volleyball game took place on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii in 1915. The popularity of the sport

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