About Nicole Bablitz-Parker

I founded Athlete’s Choice Massage because I realized there was a lack of options for massage in Edmonton, and I wanted to ensure people had a place they could turn to for high-quality, professional help.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

2017-09-08T04:19:26+00:00 |Categories: therapy|

Deep Tissue Massage (DTM) is the elixir of athletes across the globe, a therapy that has been used to fight the pain of muscle injury and wear for more than three thousand years. Indeed,

Myofascial Fire Cupping

2017-05-10T02:58:45+00:00 |Categories: therapy|

If you watched the last Olympic Games in Rio, you may have seen strange, circular spots on several of the athletes’ bodies. They’re evidence of the latest health trend to hit the sports industry;