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I founded Athlete’s Choice Massage because I realized there was a lack of options for deep tissue massage, and I wanted to ensure people had a place they could turn to for high-quality, professional help.



Cancer DEFINITION - What does Cancer mean? Human bodies are made up of trillions of cells, all working together, their origin and function based on a set of rules programed into your DNA.

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Disease DEFINITION - What does Disease mean? People often consider the term ‘disease’ as referring to an illness which is acquired, such as pneumonia or a sexually-transmitted disease such as HIV ,

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Defibrillation DEFINITION - What does Defibrillation mean? Defibrillation refers to the process of restoring normal heart rhythm in the event of cardiac arrest via the application of an electric shock. During a

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Dermatologist DEFINITION - What does Dermatologist mean? A dermatologist is a medical doctor whose specialty is the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of  both malignant and benign disorders involving the skin, nails,

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X-Ray DEFINITION - What does X-Ray mean? Most commonly known for their use in medical and security applications, X-ray permit the inspection of internal and hidden structures, and have many modern applications

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Popliteus Muscle


Popliteus Muscle DEFINITION - What does Popliteus mean? Situated at the knee joint, the popliteus is a small muscle that arises from both the femur’s lateral condyle,

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