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Andre Morson – Coach

Andre Morson
Andre MorsonCoach - Roller Derby
Andre, although new to the City of Edmonton, has been around the derby circuit since 2011. A passionate educator and facilitator, Andre has always been interested in building people up, developing strong teamwork and inclusion among people in all settings. It wasn’t too long after he started skating as a player that he began coaching derby in Ottawa, volunteering primarily with the Capital City Derby Dolls as the coach of their B-Team “The Dollinquents”, but also guest coaching with the Rideau Valley Roller Girls, and Ottawa Junior Roller Derby.

In Edmonton, Andre has started volunteering with E-Ville Roller Derby’s “E-Ville Dead” travel team to help them with their goals of improving their ranking in the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association).

Andre is an avid proponent of hard-work and nailing fundamentals – knowing that practice makes perfect, and that no piece of skating equipment can substitute the benefits of fitness and dedication to the sport.

Andre was a skater on 2016’s Team Canada for the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup, and locally, will play with Chinook City Roller Derby out of Calgary now that he’s a resident Albertan!