Yes, a massage therapist can tell if you’re stressed, especially if you’ve been coming for regular appointments over a period of time. Massage therapists often notice subtle changes in a person’s body and demeanor that indicate if a person is feeling more stressed than usual. During a massage session, a massage therapist can detect increased tension in a person’s body, including in their facial muscles and breath patterns. The therapist might also observe that the person’s body is releasing more tension than usual as the massage progresses. Additionally, the massage therapist might observe changes in the person’s usual postures, such as an altered position or posture during the massage.

Massage therapists also rely on verbal clues to determine if a person is experiencing increased stress levels. A client’s manner of speaking, their laugh or gait, or their hesitancy can all be signs of stress. Some therapists even ask questions to understand how their client is feeling, such as how their daily life is going or what kind of thinking they are having.

Ultimately, massage therapists are trained to recognize the physical and emotional cues of stress and tension, so they can be an important source of support for a person in need. Massage therapists can provide personalized advice on how to relax and relieve stress, and may even gently encourage their clients to seek additional help if necessary. In this way, massage therapists can help their clients identify, address, and manage stress more effectively.