No, wearing shorts is generally not encouraged when receiving a Thai massage. According to the regulations of many Thai massage schools, those receiving massage should be fully clothed and should avoid wearing shorts. This is because Thai massage practitioners are highly trained in traditional Thai massage techniques which involve stretching, pressing and twisting the body in specific ways. Wearing shorts can prevent the massage practitioner from performing certain moves due to the restricted range of motion caused by the clothing, as well as having an awkward, uncomfortable feeling when the practitioner attempts to press on certain parts of the body.

Shorts can also be difficult to massage through, making the massage experience unpleasant for both the client and the practitioner. Additionally, traditional Thai massage takes place on a mat on the floor, so it can be difficult to maintain proper posture in shorts, making it difficult for the practitioner to work on pressure points.

If you are still intent on wearing shorts to your Thai massage appointment, you should call the massage center and ask if they will accept it ahead of time. Some massage centers are more flexible than others and may be willing to accommodate your request. Where possible, it is best to avoid shorts to ensure that you get the full potential of the massage.