Yes, massage therapists can feel knots. Knots, also known as trigger points, are areas of tightness and tenderness in a muscle that are caused by muscles that are too tight or overused. They can be created by poor posture, injury, or stress.

The knots can be felt by a massage therapist through palpation, which is the practice of pressing and feeling the body to locate tender points. A massage therapist will use their hands to run over the area of tightness, feeling for areas that are painful and tender. The therapist may apply pressure with their hands or a tool such as a massage ball or trigger point tool to increase the pressure on the knot to release tension and reduce pain.

Typically, knots will feel hard, knotted, and lumpy under the skin. The therapist may use their hands or tools to apply deep pressure to the knot to help reduce tension and increase circulation and flexibility in the affected muscle.

Massage therapists may also feel knots through their hands if they’re using Swedish massage. This is a technique that uses long, flowing strokes to boost circulation, reduce tension, and increase relaxation. The therapist can use their hands to glide over the skin in circular or linear motions to notice areas of tension or tightness.

Knots can also be located with the help of a client. The client can tell the therapist which areas are causing pain or tightness, and this can help the therapist identify the knot more quickly and accurately.

In summary, massage therapists can feel knots. They do this by palpating the area to locate the trigger points and using their hands, or massage tools, to apply direct pressure or massage techniques to the knots. They may also use the feedback of their client to help identify the knots to treat them more effectively.