No, a bra is not typically worn during a Thai massage. The massage includes stretching and pressing on the body while lying on a mat, so it’s best to be comfortable and free of restrictive clothing. Most massage therapists will provide a sheet or towel for coverage and the room is typically quite warm. Some people may be more comfortable wearing a sports bra and that’s ok too. It’s all about being comfortable and relaxed during the massage, so if wearing a bra works for you then go for it.

On a practical side, especially for women, bras may impede the massage therapist from reaching areas of the body that need to be worked on. The massage therapist may discover areas of tension, knots, and imbalances beneath the bra and may need to move the bra aside to work deeply into those muscles. Bras, especially those with underwires, can restrict the natural movements of the body necessary for a truly beneficial deep tissue massage.

Also, bras are not typically sanitized between clients and massage therapists always use clean sheets. By not wearing a bra, you’re avoiding potential bacteria, skin infections, and other illnesses.

In conclusion, while wearing a bra during a Thai massage is not necessary and not recommended, you can always discuss the option with your massage therapist before the session and decide what’s best for you.