No, clothing is not worn during a Thai massage. Traditional Thai massage is done on a floor mat with the client either seated or lying on their stomach, while fully clothed. The therapist utilizes their hands, fingers, feet, elbows, and knees to massage the client’s entire body, while they remain clothed.

The clothing worn should not restrict the body and should still allow the therapist to easily access the areas they will be massaging. Baggy, lightweight clothing such as yoga pants, shorts, and t-shirts are the most recommended. The therapist may need to move the client’s limbs in different positions in order to access certain areas, so clothing should not be too tight.

The therapist may occasionally use a towel to maintain modesty or ensure the client’s comfort. During the massage, the therapist will help the client move from one posture to the next, and may even provide verbal instruction to ensure the client is comfortable and able to relax.

It is important for the client to remain clothed during a Thai massage because it is a more respectful way of receiving a massage. Additionally, if the client were to undress, it would make it difficult for the massage therapist to position them correctly due to limited access.

Since Thai massage is known as a deeply spiritual practice, it is important to remain dressed to honor the traditions within Thai massage. It also allows the client to stay grounded and focused during the massage, rather than feeling exposed and vulnerable. Although it may seem strange to be fully clothed during a massage, it is a beneficial and traditional part of Thai massage that has been practiced for thousands of years.