The benefits of a massage can last anywhere from a few hours to several days, but the type of massage is a major factor in determining how long the effects will last. Generally, Swedish massage, the most common and popular massage style, can provide relief from physical and mental stress for up to 24 hours. Reflexology, which stimulates pressure points on the feet and hands, can lead to lasting benefits for up to 72 hours.

Deep tissue massage, which utilizes slow strokes and deep pressure to target the layers of deeper muscle and connective tissue, is known for its longer lasting effects, sometimes up to five days after the massage. This type of massage is beneficial for relieving chronic pains, improving posture, and releasing tension throughout the body.

Thai massage is also known for its long lasting effects, with the benefits of improved joint flexibility and reduced stress lasting up to 96 hours after the session. This type of massage uses a combination of stretching, gentle rocking and pressure point massage to target the entire body, creating improved range of motion and greater flexibility.

Regardless of the length of the massage, the therapist can also provide suggestions on how to maintain its effects. This can include a combination of regular stretching and exercises, heat therapy, and changes to daily habits such as diet and sleep. By following these recommendations in combination with regular massages, people can enjoy long-term relief from physical pain, mental stress, and improve their overall physical and mental health.