Therapeutic massage is becoming increasingly popular as a form of complementary and alternative medicine, and the length of a therapeutic massage varies greatly depending on the individual’s needs. In general, a therapeutic massage should last a minimum of 60 minutes, and can range up to 90 minutes or longer. Some people find that a shorter, 45-minute session is beneficial for certain types of massage, such as deep tissue massage.

The length of a therapeutic massage session is also influenced by the type of massage. For example, Swedish massage is typically a milder form of massage and may not require a longer session. On the other hand, deep tissue massage is more intense and may require more time. Generally, for a deep tissue massage, a 75-minute session is recommended to allow for adequate relaxation between each set of massage strokes.

When determining how long a therapeutic massage should last, the patient should consider their individual needs and preferences. For some, a longer session may be beneficial as it allows the body to relax and the tissues to be worked more thoroughly. Meanwhile, some people may prefer a shorter session as they may find it more comfortable or easier to fit into their schedule.

The massage therapist should also take into account the patient’s specific goals and needs when deciding how long their therapeutic massage should last. For example, a massage therapist may suggest a longer session for a patient with chronic pain or tension in order to address a greater number of areas of stiffness. On the other hand, a patient with limited time or energy may benefit from a shorter session.

Ultimately, the length of a therapeutic massage should be tailored to the individual and the needs of the patient. A massage therapist can provide guidance on the most appropriate length for a therapeutic massage, as well as take into consideration the patient’s goals and preferences.