When you’re getting a Thai massage, it’s important to dress appropriately. You want to be comfortable, but also ensure that you’re respecting the cultural traditions of massage.

The most traditional and respectful way to dress for a Thai massage is to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows your massage therapist to apply their techniques and move your body freely. Loose pants, like yoga pants or drawstring pants, are usually the best option. Loose tops, like t-shirts or tank tops, should also be worn to ensure that your massage therapist can work easily. Avoid any clothing that’s tight or restrictive as it can interfere with the massage.

Also, consider wearing clothing that is light-colored or made of a breathable fabric. This will help avoid too much heat from the massage and will also keep your skin from getting too sweaty. Avoid wearing any jewelry on the day of the massage, as this could interfere with the massage techniques.

It’s also important to note that a Thai massage is done with the client fully clothed. You should avoid wearing any clothing that you don’t feel comfortable in, as your massage therapist will not be asking you to remove any clothing.

Overall, the best way to dress for your Thai massage is to make sure that you’re comfortable and that your clothing allows your massage therapist to move your body freely. Choose loose, comfortable clothing that is light-colored and made of a breathable fabric. Avoid wearing any jewelry, and make sure that you’re dressed in clothing that you feel comfortable in.