Gluteus Maximus Muscle

Gluteus Maximus Muscle

DEFINITION – What does Gluteus Maximus mean?

Often referred to in a gym context as the ‘glutes’, Gluteus Maximus is the primary extensor of the hip area and is both the largest and the closest to the skin of all three gluteal muscles. Due to their size, the glutes are, to a large degree, responsible for the appearance of each person’s buttocks, and are as a result regularly targeted by fitness instructors. Gluteus Maximus arises from the rear gluteal line of the inner ilium, from the sacrum’s lower end, from the base of the spine, and also from the side of the tailbone. This muscle has two insertions; the first into the fascia lata’s iliotibial band, and the second, into the gluteal tuberosity.

FUNCTION – Gluteus Maximus Muscle

The strongest extensor and rotator of the hip, gluteus maximus is directly accountable for movement of both it and the thigh. This muscle provides direct support for standing, sitting, climbing stairs, and even just standing still. When the cranial fibres are contracted, an abduction occurs and on the flipside, an adduction occurs when the caudal fibres are constricted.


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