Gluteus Medius Muscle

Gluteus Medius Muscle

DEFINITION – What does Gluteus Medius mean?

Radiating along the external surface of the pelvic bone, Gluteus Medias is just one of the three gluteal muscles. It is largely covered by Gluteal Aponeurosis, which splits it from the integument and the fascia closest to the skin. Gluteus Medias originates on the ilium between the rear gluteal line and the iliac crest above and converges into a powerful tendon that connects into a sloping ridge along the horizontal edge of the greater trochanter.

FUNCTION – Gluteus Medius Muscle

While walking, at the end of each leg swing, Gluteus Medias’ posterior fibres assist in the deceleration of the femur’s internal rotation. They contract to extend, rotate, and abduct the hip. Meanwhile, the anterior fibres work on their own to help with flexion and internal rotation of the hip. Both collaborate to abduct the hip and provide pelvic stabilization on the coronal plane.


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