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For Kimani Victor, his dreams of bodybuilding began throughout his childhood years. As a teenager, Kimani admired his older brother, who attended the gym regularly. As such, he would sneak away to the beach in his hometown in Grenada to read the ins and outs of every fitness magazine he could get his hands on. He dreamed of the day when he would stand on stage and compete in one of the many bodybuilding competitions across the world. 

Kimani achieved that dream. He first stood on stage in 2016. This was after some hardship where Kimani lost his home in the Fort McMurray fire. After the destruction of their home, Kimani, his young infant son, and then-girlfriend moved to Edmonton. Yet, Kimani and his family persevered. 

Kimani Victor

During this time, the thought of giving up his dream was a daily occurrence. But Kimani pushed through. He represents the true definition of perseverance and determination, despite what life or the universe may have in store. 

On his birthday eve, Kimani won the overall ABBA Northern 2016. After such a turbulent year, he cites this as one of his favourite memories and proudest moments. 

In fact, Kimani went on to participate in the 2019 Arnold Classic. He further intends on competing in the Mr. Olympia show this September. As Kimani, himself, states, these are the “two most prestigious bodybuilding competitions in the world.” 

Kimani Victor
Kimani Victor

Yet, Kimani’s story goes back to tough beginnings and lessons. He says, “I was always very active as a child, growing in the small island of Grenada, Caribbean. I was playing cricket, soccer, and track and field.” 

His father also played a part in shaping his resilience and determination. Kimani was expected to do heavy chores for harvesting, as well as was involved in installing heavy engines and carrying heavy tanks of gas for fishing. Kimani says of his childhood, “Helping my father made me very strong, mentally and physically, from a young age. I was expected to get up before the sun rose and get all of my chores done, then go to school, then do my homework. All those years, I didn’t realize how working hard and doing so many chores and being disciplined was going to shape me as the person that I am today.” 

He claims all of these experiences have helped him develop a strong work ethic – in the workplace, itself, as well as in regards to being a pro athlete. 

He also holds his family close at heart. When asked what motivates him, Kimani responded with “My son, Jeremie.” He continued to cite his son as his “drive to be the best person (he) can be.” He further adds that his biggest cheerleader is his spouse, Sonia. 

And when it comes to competition, Kimani says that first and foremost it’s about getting mentally ready. Then, it comes down to making a schedule to get those competition gains. Kimani elaborates, “You get on a schedule for your body to initially gain mass, then gradually, as you get closer to competition, you decrease your fat percentage. The last week has a lot to do with eliminating fluid retention and manipulating salt and carb intake. During all these steps, it helps to have the ability to mentally disconnect yourself from the outside world when needed – to allow yourself to be extremely focused and disciplined.” 

But after competition, Kimani says he treats himself with an upside-down pineapple cake – one that he actually bakes himself prior to competition. 

The future looks bright for Kimani. He is developing himself in the world of acting and modeling. He continues his career as a full-time scaffolder. And he’s getting geared up for the Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas this coming September – a dream that has taken him over 20 years to get to. 


Kimani Victor

As for individuals just starting out, Kimani leaves you with these words, “Believe in yourself.  Have a strong understanding about what you want. Surround yourself with positive people who will help you achieve and force you to be in a positive frame of mind. Take your time in finding the right coach that will fit your needs.” 

Kimani took a long time to get to where he is today. His story serves as an inspiration for all those who wish to accomplish their dreams – no matter how long they’ve had them or what hurdles they’ve faced. 

Kimani Victor

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