Kinesiology Taping for Hip Pain

Are you suffering from Hip Pain?

Depending on the seriousness of your injury, hip pain can be quite debilitating, making even the simplest of tasks arduous. For athletes, it’s often the difference between getting in the game or sitting on the bench. This is especially so for weight lifters, who rely on their hips and lower body to power through sets and support heavy loads. Usually, an injury in this area is due to over-use or over-extention, and family doctors typically prescribe a combination of drugs, ice, heat, compression, elevation and rest.

However, there’s another therapy that more and more athletes are taking advantage of and not just in professional sports or the Olympics. Called kinesiology tape, this new product is unlike traditional stabilizing tape and strapping, the products you’d normally use to support a limb or joint. Indeed, kinesiology tape isn’t intended to restrict or immobilize at all. On the contrary, professional therapists apply kinesiology tape in precisely-placed strips and circles, either directly over an injury, or around its perimeter. The tape is made of a stretchy material with a non-alergenic adhesive backing and in its placement, is set in such a way that it lifts skin just enough to promote blood flow giving access to nutrients and waste channels.

If you have hip pain, inflammation or any sort of musculoskeletal trauma, there’s a very good chance Kinesiology tape can work for you. Click the ‘Book Now’ button below to set-up an appointment now with one of our trained RMTs.



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