Muscle Pain Under Your Collar Bone

muscle pain under collarbone

Symptom – Are you experiencing muscle pain under your collar bone? 

The collar bone is also called the clavicle. The major role of this bone is to attach the arm to the rest of the body. And it also serves as the attachment points for various muscles. It is further surrounded by an array of shoulder and chest muscles.  

Muscle pain under your collar bone is likely due to one of these muscles or attachment points (particularly the subclavius muscles as explained below). The pain may originate or radiate to and from the collar bone and surrounding tissues. It may feel achy or sore. The severity of the pain may also vary depending on the cause. 

So what is causing your muscle pain under your collar bone? 

If you’ve fractured or injured your collar bone, the muscle tissue may be affected. And for this reason, you may experience muscle pain under your collar bone. A break could potentially cause muscle tearing or damage, amongst other issues.  

It may also have to do with the joints themselves. The collar bone forms the acromioclavicular joint and the sternoclavicular joint. If these joints become injured, the muscles around the collar bone may have to work overtime to compensate for the weakened area. They may also become tighter from the injury or also be impacted by the injury itself. Arthritis in and around these joints may also create muscle pain issues. However, arthritis isn’t as common in the shoulder or sternum area as it is in other parts of the body – such as the hands, knees, or hips. 

The way you sleep may also cause issues with muscle pain under your collar bone. Again, muscles may become aggravated or shortened from certain positions. 

Further, any problems with the pectoralis major muscle, subclavius muscle, trapezius muscle, or deltoid muscle may also create pain. In particular, the subclavius muscle sits directly under the collar bone. Thus, if your muscle pain is directly under your collar bone and not radiating from another source, an injury – such as a strain – to the subclavius muscle is very likely the cause. If you are experiencing another type of bone pain, check out our article here.

How can you relieve your muscle pain under your collar bone? 

If you’ve experienced muscle pain under your collar bone for longer than a few days, we recommend getting your arm and shoulder checked out by a professional. An appointment with your doctor may help determine whether physical therapy or massage therapy sessions are necessary. In the meantime, ice and adequate rest may reduce pain levels and further aggravation. 

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