Natasha Mackesey | Nutrition & Fitness Coach Edmonton

Corporate Massage

Health is such a huge focus of my life. Putting a focus on my overall health and wellness has brought clarity to my life and passion into every day. That combined with my desire to see others succeed has lead me to where I am today. Throughout my childhood and early adult years, I struggled with self image, low self esteem and an unhealthy relationship with food. It wasn’t until I found a passion for fitness that something just ‘clicked for me’. This fuelled me to learn how to heal my body through functional fitness and nutrient dense foods and share my knowledge with those around me so that they can live a happy, healthy balanced life.

A qualified nutrition professional can help you transform your relationship to body and mind into you that is waiting to be properly nourished, moved, and supported. The nutrition therapy process can bring ease to trying new foods, exploring sustainable eating behaviors, exercise options, and stress management techniques. Learn more about our 12 Week Nutrition Coaching Program, and Personalized Nutrition and/or Fitness Plans.

“Nutrition is 80% of the battle when it comes to revealing the body you desire to have and with so many options out there today… where do you start?

I will help guide you through the process of healing yourself from the inside out while nourishing your soul and igniting your taste buds. On the contrary to what you’ve heard in the past, healthy eating doesn’t have to taste bad. Let me show you how to shed pounds and feel better in your body, all while loving your food.”

I am a Certified Raw Food Chef, Sports Nutrition Counsellor, Wellness Advisor & Fitness Coach.

These services can be used with most Health Spending Accounts. Contact your provider for details.