Robb Chalifoux


Robb Chalifoux - Fitness Trainer Community Leader Personal Trainer At a very early age I developed a passion for sports and fitness. I was extremely active growing up playing competitive hockey, and football. I now work with athletes, and all levels of fitness. After traveling the

Paul O’Brien


Paul O'Brien - Fitness Trainer Community Leader Personal Trainer I’m Paul O’Brien, a personal trainer working here in the beautiful city of Edmonton. If you’re reading this you might be contemplating making some lifestyle changes and I want you to know that I’ve been in your

Luke Jerace


Luke Jerace I am a Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor based out of the Leduc Recreation Centre. My PT clients are of all ages and levels. I teach youth/adult group fitness classes such as hockey dry-land camps, MMA, spin, and crossfire. I have been an Alberta Sheriff for over 10 years. In my

Jennifer Lemke


Jennifer Lemke - Personal Fitness Trainer I dedicate my life to empowering people to live their very best life through exercise and healthy living. Being healthy and active has always played a role in my life, whether it be through playing with friends as a kid, or being a competitive cheerleader for more than 8

Klaudia Sapieja MA


Klaudia Sapieja "Klaudia leads all aspects of the mental training program for the Green & Gold Sport System at the University of Alberta. Her main role as a practitioner is to develop resources and deliver workshops for all varsity level teams and athletes. She also oversees pre-varsity mental training and works with sport psychology professors