Pre/Post Natal Reflexology

Throughout pregnancy, mothers experience tremendous psychological, emotional, and hormonal changes which in many ways can impact both their health, and that of their babies. Minimizing the negative aspects of this natural process should be of the upmost concern.

Many mothers turn to Reflexology massage to help them through pregnancy after the first trimester, and with good reason too; this natural technique has been shown again and again to eliminate anxiety and stress. Just one side effect of this heightened relaxation is an increase in cervical dilation during childbirth, and thus, shortened labor. For most, this reduced window negates the need for potentially harmful epidurals or other drugs for pain.

A completely non-invasive technique, Reflexology is safe to both mother and child, during and after pregnancy. The major benefit of this technique is its positive impact in the duration of childbirth as noted above, however there are many others. Pre-natal Reflexology can help relieve many of the usual issues, including constipation, morning sickness, and back and hip pain. It can also reduce high blood pressure, oedema, and fatigue, and can even help turn a breech baby.

After childbirth, Reflexology can aid mothers in managing post-natal depression by helping them bounce back. It can help them achieve deeper sleep, normalize their bowels, reduce inflammation and puffiness, and enhance milk production. It can also both increase energy and provide a sense of general relaxation. Finally, Reflexology can initiate and strengthen the body’s natural healing process.

If you’re already a mother, and you didn’t use Reflexology, you can certainly appreciate that it would have been helpful. For those of you considering having a baby, already in the third trimester, or even those who have just had their baby, don’t wait any longer to get the natural relief Reflexology offers. Make an appointment now with a massage therapist.

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