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Direct Billing for Massage Therapy

In the past, if you used your extended health benefits from your place of work to pay for a massage, you needed to pay first from your pocket, and then submit a claim to your insurer for a reimbursement.

Nowadays, we’ve got you in mind. To minimize the hassle and maximize your time and satisfaction, we’re offering all our clients direct billing. That means no more paperwork, and no more waiting. When you book a massage with us online, we will electronically bill your insurer, on the spot.

Check with the benefits administrator at your place of work to make sure your insurer supports direct billing. Also double-check your benefits to make sure the services you’re claiming are in fact covered, and above all, verify the fine print – some insurers require that you see a doctor before making a claim for a massage. This is especially so in the case of a motor vehicle accident; you’ll want to be sure in advance exactly what the specifics of your plan are.
Did you know that we also now offer the ability to book massages online? It’s all about great customer service! To book an appointment now with a professional therapist, simply click here.

Direct billing is available for:

Alberta Blue Cross
Direct Bill Edmonton Massage