Aching Legs

Symptom – Are you experiencing Aching Legs?

Aching legs is pain in the legs that comes and goes. You may experience it after a strenuous workout, or after standing or walking for long durations. It may just be muscle fatigue from overuse or again, from an intense workout. Other times, aching legs may indicate something more serious.

What is causing your aching legs?

In the lower legs, the aching may be caused by an overuse condition called shin splints. This condition is often caused by doing too much, too soon – such as when you increase your running intensity, duration, or distance too much. Overtraining may also cause aching legs the day after. When exercising, make to increase and progress gradually. The body can only adapt to so much at one time.

Other reasons for aching legs may include injury, poor circulation, or nerve damage originating from the low back. If your aching legs persist, it’s best to book an appointment with your family doctor. They will be able to run the necessary tests to determine the cause of your aching legs.

How can I relieve my aching legs?

If overtraining is the issue, the best thing you can do is rest and cut back. Decrease your workout intensity, and slowly begin to progress once your aching legs have resolved. Again, if the pain persists, take the time to visit your family doctor to determine the root of the problem.

Massage therapy may be recommended as part of your treatment plan. Massage can help relax tight muscles contributing to aching legs, as well as encourage blood flow to the affected area. For more information on how massage can help you and your condition, book your appointment with our experienced and trained massage therapists. At Athlete’s Choice Massage, we want you to get back to feeling your best. Click the BOOK NOW button below to get started.

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