Chest Muscle Pain

Symptom – Are you experiencing Chest Muscle Pain?

Chest muscle pain may appear as a sharp pain or discomfort in your chest region. It often has to do with your intercostal muscles – the group of muscles that run between the ribs and form the chest wall.

What is causing your chest muscle pain?

Stretching or tearing of the intercostal muscles frequently causes chest muscle pain. It may be accompanied by muscle spasms, swelling, pain when breathing, and pain with movement. However, if you feel faint, dizzy, have difficulty breathing, or feel sudden fatigue, seek out medical attention immediately. It could be a sign of something else going wrong, such as a heart attack. If your doctor thinks there may be a problem with your heart, they may recommend an echocardiogram. If you are experiencing a heart attack, mergence measures such as defibrillation may need to be taken.

Costochondritis is another common cause of chest pain. It is the inflammation of the cartilage in the chest region. It is often temporary and resolves on its own. However, anti-inflammatory medication and exercises involving opening up the chest can also help relieve the pain associated with it.

A fractured rib can also cause chest pain – and is another important health condition to get check out right away. With many vital structures, such as the lungs and heart located in the chest, a fractured rib can cause varying degrees of harm and pain.

What can you do to relieve your chest muscle pain?

First and foremost, visit your family doctor. They know your medical history best and can help determine the cause of your chest muscle pain.

Massage can also help relieve chest muscle pain. Massage techniques can help release tight muscles and tension that builds causing pain in the chest. At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our experience massage therapists strive to get you back to the activities you know and love, free of pain. To book your next appointment, click the BOOK NOW button below.

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