Hand & Wrist Weakness

Symptom – Are you experiencing hand & wrist weakness?

Hand and wrist weakness can pose many problems. It may be difficult to type at work or to perform your regular daily activities. For example, reaching for that jar might prove problematic, especially when your wrist or hand is giving out. It’s frustrating and downright annoying!

So, what is going on? What is causing your hand or wrist weakness?

There are many different factors that could be causing hand and wrist weakness symptoms. Injuries at the elbow, such as golfer’s elbow, may be to blame. Other causes include tendinitis at the wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome, a strain, a fracture, or arthritis. The weakness may also be accompanied by pain, numbness, or tingling.

How can you find solve the problem?

It’s best to get a proper diagnosis first. The cause of your hand and wrist weakness determines the most suitable treatment strategy. However, massage therapy can help! Massage therapy and techniques promote proper healing and relieve associated pain. Book your appointment with one of our registered massage therapists, today. Click the book now button below to get started!

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