Pain in Jaw

Symptom – Are you experiencing locked jaw or pain in jaw?

Pain in the jaw affects millions of people across the globe. It often begins as an ache or muscle tenderness at the jaw joint, also called the temporomandibular joint. It may get worse as you try to move your jaw. It may also cause your jaw to lock and make eating difficult.

So, what is causing your locked jaw or pain in your jaw?

A locked jaw or pain in the jaw is frequently caused by temporomandibular joint disorder. This disorder covers a broad range of muscular and joint dysfunctions.

More specifically, causes may include teeth grinding or jaw clenching, arthritis, certain dental conditions, sinus issues, tension headaches, osteomyelitis, or capsulitis. Other factors, such as stress may also play a role.

What can you do about your jaw pain?

We recommend getting a proper diagnosis from your doctor or dentist before pursuing any treatment options. However, massage can help ease muscular tension and help reduce pain. It can also help decrease your stress, if that is a contributing factor.

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