Pain in Shoulder

Symptom – Are you experiencing pain in your shoulder?

Pain in the shoulder is a fairly common complaint. Your shoulder might bother you when you go to raise your arm or when you go to reach for objects overhead, disrupting your daily activities.

So, what is causing the pain in your shoulder when performing certain movements?

It may be due to impingement, where the tendon or bursa becomes compressed. It may be caused by a rotator cuff tear. Or even a tendonitis. There are numerous reasons that your shoulder could be bothering you.

What can I do to alleviate my pain?

It is important to get a proper diagnosis, especially to ensure that you don’t have a tear.

Massage can help relieve your shoulder pain. It can help improve circulation to the affected area, promoting proper healing. Massage can further help relax irritated muscles around the area. Click the ‘book appointment’ button to schedule your appointment with one of our registered massage therapists.

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