Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing shoulder pain and you also have difficulty breathing and/or a feeling of tightness in your chest, you may be having a heart attack. Don’t risk your life. Call 911 immediately.


Three in ten adults are affected by shoulder pain. Connecting your shoulder blade, collar bone and upper arm bone, the shoulder is interlaced with various ligaments and muscles which hold your arm in place. A problem with your shoulder can be incapacitating, and extremely painful. Luckily, the pain is manageable. To get help now, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on “book appointment.”

What causes shoulder pain?

There are many possible reasons for shoulder pain. Causes vary from overuse to overexertion, accidents, diseases, and can even be due to problems elsewhere on your body. Your age can play a factor too. For younger people, pain is often a result of repetitive movements from sports such as baseball or tennis, or as a result of accidents during more aggressive sports such as football , rugby or lacrosse. Among older generations, challenges often arise from arthritis, bursitis, or as a result of heart or gallbladder disease. The design of the shoulder joint fosters mobility at the cost of stability and is always at risk of injury. Other less likely factors could relate to infections, tumors, or nerve issues.

How do I make it go away?

Massage is an excellent solution for a sore shoulder, and there are many possible techniques which could be used. When you come in to see us, your therapist will first perform an examination of your shoulder area, and will determine the best solution. What are you waiting for? We can improve your quality of life. Register for treatment right now by clicking “book appointment” below.



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