Calf muscles are often referred to in the sigular but are in fact two different muscles. The larger of the two, gastrocnemius, is what appears as the bulge people that people see and normally associate as the calf, and is diamond shaped due to its two heads. The second muscle is smaller, flat in shape, and lies under the gastrocnemius. It is the calf muscles that take the brunt of the work of running, jumping, and walking. In each case, it is the calf that pulls the heel up and allows movement forward.

Calf Pain


Calf Pain Symptom - Are you experiencing Calf Pain? The calf muscles, including the soleus and gastrocnemius, propel the heel up and forward. These muscles help us run, walk, and jump. However,

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Popliteus Muscle


Popliteus Muscle DEFINITION - What does Popliteus mean? Situated at the knee joint, the popliteus is a small muscle that arises from both the femur’s lateral condyle,

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