Chest muscles are the pushers from which we get the power to move heavy objects such as pianos and refrigerators. Similar to the back muscles, those across the chest work together to provide movement and stabilization support for the back, neck and shoulder regions, and they also support the breathing process.

Sore Muscles


Sore Muscles Symptom - Are you experiencing Sore Muscles? Sore muscles may feel painful, tired, or achy. It may be limited to one area, or it may be a widespread sensations felt

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Chest Muscle Pain


Chest Muscle Pain Symptom - Are you experiencing Chest Muscle Pain? Chest muscle pain may appear as a sharp pain or discomfort in your chest region. It often has to do with

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Sternal Muscle


Sternal Muscle DEFINITION - What does Sternal mean? Running alongside the sternum, parallel with the sternal end of the Pectoralis Major, the Sternalis muscle can take on

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