Thigh muscles aren’t just focused on moving your legs. They are also heavily involved in how your hips work. Anatomically, these muscles are split into three general categories; posterior thigh muscles extend the thigh and flex the leg, while the medials both rotate and adduct the thighs, and finally, the anterior muscles flex the thighs and extend the legs. Thigh muscles also provide stabilization for the pelvis.

Hamstring Muscle


Hamstring Muscle DEFINITION - What does Hamstring mean? The hamstrings are made up of three muscles located on the forward thigh; from lateral to medial, the Biceps

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Sartorius Muscle


Sartorius Muscle DEFINITION - What does Sartorius mean? Notably the longest of all the human body’s muscles, the Sartorius is a long, narrow muscle that runs superficially

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Quadriceps Muscle


Quadriceps Muscle DEFINITION - What does Quadriceps mean? Considered the knee’s great extensor muscle, the Quadricepts Femoris, named for its four heads, is most often referred to

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