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Therapeutic Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

Therapeutic Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

Who can use a Therapeutic Massage

In today’s active world, many people suffer the debilitating soreness of the daily grind and are looking for solutions to counter muscle discomfort and tendon damage. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a dedicated enthusiast, or a professional athlete, getting the right kind of treatment before and after a workout can mean the difference between a performance boost, and a devastating injury.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

A major benefit of therapeutic massage treatments are their ability to focus-in on muscle-tendon connections, dramatically improving hip-flexor range of motion, and leading to significantly decreased post-workout muscular trauma. Distinct treatments are quite varied, and are commonly sport-specific, leveraging different techniques depending on each individual’s impact profile. Golfers, tennis players and long-distance runners have their own specific stress-points and injuries, each of which necessitate precise care.

How can Therapeutic Massage help you?

Coaches from all disciplines have begun to realize that massage is a key to personal readiness, a necessity in any balanced workout regimen. Massage impacts not only your physical performance, but also, by reducing tension and anxiety, it can help you focus on the task at hand. Most of the major sports leagues have added massage as a regular part of their players’ fitness routines. For peak conditioning, especially in the lead-up to a major event, regular massage therapy can help ensure you’re performing at your absolute maximum.

Sports professionals across the planet are using massage to reduce muscle tension, promote relaxation, enhance performance and most importantly, to help prevent, and to speed recovery, from otherwise debilitating injuries.

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About Athlete’s Choice Massage
Athlete’s Choice Massage is a modern massage studio. Since opening in 2016, Athlete’s Choice Massage has become an active part of the Edmonton and Sherwood Park community. Our experienced registered massage therapists set the highest standards in massage treatments. With massage therapy being covered by many people’s extended health care benefits, it is now easier than ever to experience the positive effects of therapeutic massage.

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