Therapeutic Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

Therapeutic Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

History of Therapeutic Massage

The history of therapeutic massage dates as far back as the Ancient Chinese, Ancient Egyptians, and India. Some of the first written evidence of therapeutic massage came from China. Today, these Ancient Chinese texts – now translated to English and various other languages – serve as the basis for modern massage therapy training, as well as acupuncture and acupressure.

How Can Therapeutic Massage Help You?

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a dedicated enthusiast, or a professional athlete, getting the right kind of treatment before and after a workout can mean the difference between a performance boost and a devastating injury.

For peak conditioning – especially leading up to a major event – regular massage therapy can help ensure you’re performing at your absolute best. Sports professionals across the globe use massage therapy to reduce muscle tension, to promote relaxation, to enhance performance, to help prevent injuries, and to promote healing and recovery from an injury. Therapeutic massage narrows in on muscle-tendon connections. In turn, range of motion and post-workout muscular trauma is significantly reduced. However, distinct treatments may vary. Your treatment is specific to your athlete profile, sport, and health.

What I Need to Know Before My First Therapeutic Massage Appointment?

Your therapeutic massage appointment may range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. During the first appointment, expect to answer questions regarding your health history, areas of concern, and pain levels. These questions help the massage therapist align their treatment plan with your specific goals.

Your massage therapist will then explain and outline what they will do for you in the current session. They will leave the room – allowing you to undress and cover yourself on the massage table. Make sure to communicate with your therapist throughout your massage. If you are uncomfortable in any way, do not hesitate to let your therapist know.

In addition, make sure to eat a couple hours before your massage – and not right before. Drinking water leading up to your appointment is also a good idea. Consider rescheduling if you have certain skin irritations on the day of or if you have a fever.

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