What is a Certified Athletic Therapist?

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DEFINITION -What is a Certified Athletic Therapist?

A certified athletic therapist is an individual who has undergone education and training through an accredited CATA (Canadian Athletic Therapists Association) program. This type of therapist assesses, treats, and prevents sports-related injuries

BREAKING DOWN -Certified Athletic Therapist

Most certified athletic therapy programs consist of 3-4 years of post-secondary education. In Canada, the therapist must have partaken a program approved by the CATA. The CATA was formed in 1965 and has been the Canadian governing and regulating body for certified athletic therapists for over 50 years.

Originally restricted to professional teams in Canada, athletic therapists have specialized further and in the last decade, have started treating injuries for all levels of Canadian athletes. This has open worlds of opportunity for those wanting to specialize in athletic therapy, as well for the athletes themselves.

A certified athletic therapist may use the following throughout assessment and treatment: therapeutic modalities, soft tissue mobilization, taping or bracing techniques, rehabilitation techniques, and strengthening and flexibility exercises. The exercises, specifically, are directed toward your sport of choice and are aimed to help in healing and re-conditioning. 

Overall, an athletic therapist helps increase circulation, reduce pain, improve mobility and flexibility, increase strength, decrease scar tissue formation, and help you get back to your sport of choice safely.

Most appointments last between 30-60 minutes in length, with your initial assessment lasting between 45-60 minutes. Athletic therapist have been a huge part in improving recovery and decreasing recovery time amongst athletes and sports enthusiasts. 

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