What is a Rehabilitation Massage?

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DEFINITION – What is Rehabilitation Massage?

Rehabilitation Massage refers to a form of massage used to treat people recovering from injury.

This type of massage is performed by certified massage therapists, usually in the clinic, with the goal of addressing a specific injury or issue with the body.


BREAKING DOWN – Rehabilitation Massage

First and foremost, what sets rehabilitation massage apart from normal massage (one which has the sole purpose of relaxing the client), is the level of experience of the massage therapist.

While all aspiring massage therapists must go through massage therapy school and acquire certification to practise, the area of study after this process can vary. 

Some move towards relaxation massage, perhaps learning about the techniques involved in aromatherapy massage for example, and others learn more about injuries and how to use rehabilitation massage to aid recovery.

It’s especially important for rehabilitation massage to have a keen knowledge of the most common injuries people suffer, and how to deal with them through massage. As you can imagine, the techniques applied differ from those used to encourage relaxation in the client.

What’s more, while many most massage therapists treat patients by themselves, those who practise rehabilitation massage have access to a range of professionals in the field of medicine.

Since injuries aren’t always straightforward when it comes to the treatment, rehabilitation massage is rarely performed without consultation with medical professionals first.

Finally, as the recipient of rehabilitation massage, you can expect the massage therapist to ask you plenty of questions about your medical history and lifestyle.

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