What is a Seated Massage?

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DEFINITION – What is a Seated Massage?

Seated massage, or chair massage, is an alternative to the more traditional table massage. Seated massage differs from table massage in that the client is sat upright in a special massage chair, whilst fully clothed. The chair is designed in such a way that the client is leaning forward, facilitating their comfort and making things easier for the massage therapist. Typically, since the client is clothed during the process of seated massage, essential oils are not used.



BREAKING DOWN – Seated Massage

First and foremost, seated massage is intended as a quicker and more convenient form of massage for the client. A massage therapist can get through a number of clients this way, providing relief without the need to spend a long time in individual sessions. A seated massage session can last as little as 10 or 15 minutes.

As a result, seated massage is suited to those with busy lives and those who need quick relief. Clients can expect to experience relief not only from muscle tension – often due to incorrect posture at work – but also relief from issues such as headaches and knots.

It isn’t uncommon to see massage therapists practicing seated massage at trade shows and public places like airports. This is so that people can take a few moments out of their day to lower their stress levels and any tension they may be experiencing. 

Due to increased energy levels and boosted mood, it’s often said that seated massage can help with productivity too. For this reason, many employers choose to treat employees to a seated massage, and as a welcome break from the potentially stressful work day. Various studies actually show improvements in production and morale following such intervention.

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