What is a Thai Foot Massage?

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DEFINITION – What is Thai Foot Massage?

A Thai foot massage draws primarily from the principles of reflexology and is focused on providing muscle tension relief and relaxation via massage of the feet and the lower part of the legs.



BREAKING DOWN – Thai Foot Massage

What makes the feet a great target area for massage is the presence of approximately 7200 nerve endings. The large number of nerve endings in the feet means they are sensitive to touch. Thus, you can achieve a lot in the way of relaxation and tension relief through massaging them.


The practice of reflexology claims that the feet are composed of many different parts. Each smaller part of the foot corresponds to a different organ or a different part of the body. The general logic is that if you are feeling tension in one specific part of your foot, then it is in some way related to the corresponding organ or body part.


The methods associated with Thai foot massage involve the use of anything from the hands and fingers, to specially made Thai foot massage sticks. The massage therapist will use these tools to massage the feet. And according to Thai thought, this will encourage energy flow through the body, which can help prevent illness and physical injury.


As such, it is thought that when we have blockages of energy, we are more susceptible to contract an illness or suffer an injury. So, Thai foot massage aims to bring positive energy flow back to the body, whether preventive or curative.


Aside from this, Thai foot massage has numerous benefits. It improves the circulation of blood throughout the body, reduces general pain, and can lessen the impact of ailments like migraines or allergies.


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