What is Osteopathic Massage?

Osteopathic Massage

DEFINITION – What is Osteopathic Massage?

Osteopathic massage, to define it generally, is a holistic form of massage, which seeks to treat the body as a whole.

BREAKING DOWN – Osteopathic Massage?

Targeting muscle stiffness and aching, osteopathic massage is good for improving circulation in the body. It also helps with the general functions of the body. Unlike normal massage, with osteopathic massage, you can expect a focus on the flow of blood around the body, the veins and other internal functions.

To break down osteopathic massage, it’s useful to know who benefits from it the most. Anyone who is seeking more than just pain reduction or relief in a specific part of the body is likely to prefer osteopathic massage. This is because there is a more holistic focus, based on the idea that the body works best as a whole. So by working on the body as one unit, you will be able to recover from injury or pain quicker.

As a result, you could say that with osteopathic massage the goal isn’t as much about fixing a muscular or soft tissue problem, as it is about restoring vitality and bringing fresh energy into the body. This means that as well as being useful for aiding recovery from sports accidents and injury, it is also effective at correcting bad posture and increasing mobility.

The techniques used in osteopathic massage differ than those of the more routine massage. There is a particular focus on stretching and moving various parts of the body, as well as the act of massage itself.

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