Amanda Fex – Featured Athlete

If you’ve heard of City Fit Shop in Edmonton or been to it, you may have met Amanda Fex. Amanda owns and operates the City Fit Shop, which is how she shares her passion for fitness and obstacle racing. 

Amanda Fex - Featured Athlete

Since opening in April 2017, Amanda boasts about how it’s a fun way to get community members of all ages – from small children to grandparents – active. 

Essentially, City Fit Shop is a modern obstacle course training and fitness facility, with a variety of classes and challenges. Their schedule also leaves room for open obstacle gym time. 

Amanda Fex

And Amanda’s goal? To inspire families and individuals to find a passion for active living. 

As for her own personal endeavors, Amanda says she thrives when she sets goals. She states, “I need a reason to push hard and train.” 

Amanda began obstacle course racing 6 years ago when she signed up for her first Spartan race. Since then, she has participated in countless races and obstacle courses. She’s even podiumed in many of these races, stating that she loves the competition and the community these races include. 

Most notably, Amanda placed 2nd and 3rd in the Elite Female category in Spartan Races. 

From the sidelines, her kids and husband cheer her on. Amanda says, “They are my super fans. I love that my kids are (also) now competing and I get to be their cheerleaders (as well).” 

In fact, her favourite memory to date is her first podium involving friends and family cheering from the side. Amanda recalls, “I came running down the hill, and I had all my friends and family cheering me on and yelling I was in 3rd with the other girl right in front of me. I chased her down and won with loud cheers the whole way!” 

She further takes her recovery post-race very seriously. And she states, “I have not had any significant injuries to date. If we listen to our bodies, it makes all the difference.” 

One of the most inspiring stories Amanda shared involved an older lady around 70 years old crossing the finish line of one of the harder obstacle races she’d ever done. Amanda elaborates, “She was smiling and so happy to have accomplished it. It wasn’t about getting all the obstacles, or being fast. It was about being healthy enough to do something that amazing. It made me realize that age is just a number and we can have active and healthy lives for many many years to come.” 

Amanda Fex

As for the future, Amanda says, “I’d love to grow our community and see more kids, adults, and families choosing to be active and making it a part of their daily lives. Who knows what the next 5 years will bring.” 

Amanda Fex

She further adds that she believes kids are specializing far too early and that the goal should be to raise active and healthy kids to become active and healthy adults. “We need to stop worrying about making them superstars,” Amanda says. 

Instead, she encourages parents to allow their children to do a little bit of everything and find activities that ignite that passion so that they grow into active adults. 

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