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Jackie Campbell – Athlete of the Month

Patrick Sperling - Athlete of the Month


Triathlons aren’t easy. But for Jackie Campbell – her transition from a runner to triathlete started by simply signing up for her first half Ironman. She didn’t own a bike and had never done any sort of competitive swimming.

Completing her first Ironman in the mountainous and scenic Whistler, Jackie has since built her athletic profile around pushing herself a little bit further each and every year. 5 or so years later, she’s proud to state that she’s completed 3 half Ironmans and 3 full Ironmans – averaging almost 1-2 per year. And that summary excludes her running races and accomplishments.

Jackie grew up playing hockey and running. About 7 years ago, she signed up for her first marathon. Jackie claims this is where she caught the running ‘bug.’ She has now completed 5 marathons and her first ultra-marathon, the Blackfoot Ultra – an 80 km race – this year.

Earlier in 2018, she also participated in the Dopey Challenge in Disney World. The challenge consisted of 4 races in 4 days: a 5 km, 10 km, half marathon, and full marathon – with the toughest distance on the last day. Last year, she competed in the Dirty Kanza – a 330 km gravel bike race in the US. And a few years ago, Jackie joined a few other bikers on a ride from Banff to Whitefish, Montana – a daring 450+ km distance

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