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Sport Taping



Lymphatic Drainage

Craniosacral Therapy

Myofascial Cupping

TMJ Release

Athlete’s Choice Massage – Helping maintain your active lifestyle is our priority.



Life’s too short to be sore


Extended Health Benefits

Extended Health Benefits In this world of expenses and taxes, fees and payments, we need to do whatever we can to build on what we have

Numbness in Hands

Numbness in Hands ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM NUMBNESS IN HANDS? Paresthesia is the feeling of tingling and numbness in body parts. Often, it occurs when

Myofascial Fire Cupping

Myofascial Fire Cupping If you watched the last Olympic Games in Rio, you may have seen strange, circular spots on several of the athletes’ bodies. They’re

Kinesiology Taping for Shoulder Pain

Kinesiology Taping for Shoulder Pain Your shoulder is a relatively unstable and complex joint involving many muscle groups that sees extensive, repeated use and abuse. Good

Cancer Patients and Massage Therapy

Cancer Patients and Massage Therapy There are very few medical issues that are more taxing mentally and physically than cancer. From the moment of your diagnosis,

Sports Injury Massage Therapy

Sports Injury Massage Therapy From the professional hockey player to the twice-weekly runner, every sports enthusiast fears the same thing; injury. One misstep, one split second,