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Running 100 Marathons – Ken Davidson

Running 100 Marathons


Running his first marathon in tennis shoes in 1980, Ken Davidson has come a long way (literally). Ken ran his 100th marathon in the Edmonton Marathon on August 19th. That means since 1980, he has amassed over 4215 kilometres, and that doesn’t include the training distance.

It is no wonder why he earned our first Athlete of the Month. At 73 years old, he’s unstoppable. And perhaps, he could inspire those that stop at their goals with a quick “I can’t,” as he continues to break down what you think you can and can’t do.

Surprisingly, running wasn’t Ken’s first sport of choice. After joining a soccer team and seeing the Edmonton Roadrunners go by, he ended up with an invite to join the ever-growing runner community. In Ken’s own words, “the rest is history.”  … Read the full article



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