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Athlete’s Choice Massage offers a modern massage studio space.  Since opening in 2016, Athlete’s Choice Massage has become an active part of the Edmonton and Sherwood Park community. Our experienced Registered Massage Therapists set the highest standards in massage treatments. With massage therapy being covered by many people’s extended health care benefits, it is now easier than ever to experience the positive effects of therapeutic massage.

Flexible Booking Times

Our RMTs are available 7 days a week to ensure your therapeutic needs are addressed when you need them to be. We strive to meet your appointment requests and can often offer same or next day booking. Feel free to tour our website and learn about the treatments we offer, our Registered Massage Therapists’ specific techniques and skills, and what to expect at your first visit to our studio. Appointments can always be booked online 24 hours a day.

Open Today until 8:00 pm at our Edmonton and Sherwood Park clinics

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September Featured Athlete – Tyler Fakeley

Interview with Tyler Fakeley Tyler Fakeley’s story isn’t far off from many other runners’ journeys. Yet, Tyler made the leap from 5 km runs to 50 km races. He’s an ultra marathoner with an undying passion for the sport.  Growing up, Tyler states that he was involved in many sports and always an outdoor activity of some kind. He says, “A lifetime of sports has taught me a lot about myself and others.”   He continues, “It taught me you will only get out what you put into it. Your effort will usually equal your level of success. However, life's not always fair and that’s not always true, so I have also learned never overestimate your abilities or underestimate the

What is a Muscle Knot?

What is a Muscle Knot? Maybe you had a tough workout yesterday. Or perhaps you woke up with it. You can feel the tension and soreness


What is your sport: Squash Squash is a sport that is not in the Olympics. Yet, many continue to lobby for its inclusion in the games.   


What is your sport: Hockey Hockey is Canada’s official winter sport. It is an ice rink game played by 2 opposing teams consisting of 6 players


What is your sport: Golf Golf is defined as a sport where each player - via the use of special clubs - attempts to sink the


Headaches Symptom - Are you experiencing frequent headaches? Everyone gets headaches every now and again. Most of the time, we manage

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder Pain Shoulder Pain Treatment IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing shoulder pain and you also have difficulty breathing and/or a feeling of tightness in your

Gluteus Medius Muscle

Gluteus Medius Muscle DEFINITION - What does Gluteus Medius mean? Radiating along the external surface of the pelvic bone, Gluteus Medias is just one of the three gluteal muscles. It is largely

Adductor Longus Muscle

Adductor Longus Muscle DEFINITION - What does Adductor Longus mean? Adductor Longus is a skeletal muscle positioned on the thigh that originates at the pubis’ superior ramis and is laid ventrally, in

Erector Spinae Muscle

Erector Spinae Muscle DEFINITION - What does Erector Spinae mean? Lying somewhat vertically in a groove along each side of the vertebral column, the erector spinae is a set of three long,

Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage DEFINITION - What does Chinese Massage mean? Chinese massage includes massage techniques originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Pain Management

Pain Management DEFINITION - What does Pain Management mean? Pain management refers to a medical approach, involving diagnosis, treatment, and

Certified Massage Therapist

Certified Massage Therapist DEFINITION - What does Certified Massage Therapist mean? A certified massage therapist is a massage therapist who

Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy DEFINITION - What does Compression Therapy mean? Compression therapy refers to the external application of sustained and controlled

Athletic Massage

Athletic Massage DEFINITION - What does Athletic Massage mean? Athletic massage is another name for sports massage, which refers to