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We are not a spa.

Extensive thought has been put into making our studios modern, comfortable, and convenient for you. You will not hear trickling water or pan flutes. We will never try to up-sell you on services or push retail on you. Our goal is to simply provide the best therapeutic services you can find in this city. I hope that you will enjoy your experience and come back again soon.


Our Services

Massage Therapy

45 Minute | 60 Minute | 75 Minute | 90 Minute | 2 hour

45 Minute | 60 Minute | 75 Minute | 90 Minute | 2 hour

60 Minute | 90 Minute

45 Minute | 60 Minute | 75 Minute | 90 Minute | 2 hour

60 Minute | 75 Minute | 90 Minute

45 Minute | 60 Minute

45 Minute

30 Minute | 45 Minute

45 Minute | 60 Minute

45 Minute | 60 Minute

30 Minute | 45 Minute

45 Minute

THAI Massage

60 Minute | 90 Minute | 2 hour

45 Minutes
60 Minutes | 90 Minutes | 2 hour

Additional Services

30 Minutes | 45 Minutes | 60 Minutes
30 Minutes | 40 Minutes | 60 Minutes
30 Minutes | 45 Minutes | 60 Minutes
45 Minutes | 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes | 120 Minutes
1 Session | 10 Pack | 20 Pack
Private and Semi-Private (2 people)
1 Session | 5 Pack | 10 Pack
1 Session

About Athlete’s Choice Massage

Athlete’s Choice Massage was created to provide consistently excellent rehabilitative services for health-conscious people. Our team is extremely well-trained and they take pride in their work. They are constantly striving to learn and better themselves in their respective fields so that they can help you recover and aid in the maintenance of your well-being.

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All appointments will begin with a short but in-depth one-on-one assessment. This is your opportunity to point out what area you’d like to work on during your time, as well as identify any special requests or concerns you may have. Should you have more than one area of concern, your therapist will prioritize the chief complaint and create a treatment plan for the time allotted and for follow-ups as needed.

Please note our 24 Hour Cancelation Policy.

With massage therapy being covered by many people’s extended health care benefits, it is now easier than ever to experience the positive effects of therapeutic massage.


Frequently Asked Question

  1. Swedish Massage – a gentle, relaxing massage using long strokes, kneading, friction, and vibration to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

  2. Deep Tissue Massage – a therapeutic massage that targets deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to relieve chronic pain, muscle tension, and improve mobility.

  3. Sports Massage – a specialized massage designed for athletes to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and reduce muscle soreness.

  4. Pregnancy Massage – a gentle massage that focuses on the needs of expectant mothers, helping to alleviate discomfort, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

Our experienced massage therapists will work with you to determine the best massage technique to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Massage therapy offers numerous physical and mental benefits, such as:

  • Reducing muscle tension and pain
  • Improving circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Enhancing flexibility and range of motion
  • Boosting immune function
  • Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Promoting relaxation and better sleep
  • Improving posture and alignment
  • Reducing headaches and migraines
  • Improving overall well-being

The specific benefits of massage therapy depend on the type of massage, frequency of sessions, and individual health conditions.

During your first visit, our massage therapist will conduct a brief intake process to discuss your medical history, current health conditions, and specific goals for the massage. You will also be asked to complete a health questionnaire to ensure that massage therapy is safe for you.

The massage therapist will then explain the type of massage you will receive and ask you to undress to your level of comfort and lie on the massage table, which is covered with a sheet and blanket. The massage therapist will use draping techniques to expose only the areas of the body being worked on.

During the massage, the therapist will use a variety of techniques to manipulate the soft tissue, such as kneading, stroking, and rubbing. You should communicate with your therapist regarding pressure, areas of focus, and any discomfort or pain during the session.

After the massage, the therapist will allow you time to relax and get dressed. You may experience some soreness or discomfort for a day or two after the massage, but this is normal and should subside.


The length of a massage session can vary depending on the type of massage and the client’s needs. Our typical massage sessions range from 60 to 90 minutes, but we also offer shorter sessions of 45 minutes for targeted areas.

During your consultation, your massage therapist will recommend the appropriate length of session to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our rates for massage sessions vary depending on the length of the session and the type of massage. Please contact us or check our website for current rates and promotions.

Our goal is to provide high-quality massage therapy at affordable prices to help our clients achieve optimal health and wellness.