What is your sport: Bandy

Bandy is a winter sport played in teams on ice. Similar to ice hockey, the team must skate around the field, stick in hand, with the goal of scoring in the other team’s goal.

Otherwise known as ‘Winter football’, bandy shares many similarities with hockey and English football. 

A game is played over the course of 90 minutes, separated into 2 45 minute halves. Plus also like in football each team fields 11 players.

With different positions in the team, like forwards or midfielders, formations are applied tactically and are adapted during the course of the game with the overall goal of out scoring the opposing team. Substitutions are allowed at any point in the game.

Like hockey, bandy players use their abdominal muscles and obliques to effectively move around the field on skates. Fitness plays an important role in any player’s success in the sport, as well as of course, solid technique.


Bowling Injuries

Common Muscle Injuries from Bandy:

Some of the more typical muscle injuries suffered in bandy are concussions, upper body injuries and knee injuries.

Concussions result from collisions with the ice, and any kind of heavy contact with the head during play.

Shoulders are a high risk for injury due to the presence of shoulder barging during the game, as well as the possibility of falling onto the hard ice.

Then, wrist, hip and knee injuries are also fairly common. With knee injuries coming from awkward falls, hip injuries as a result of skating technique, and wrist injuries from putting a hand out to lessen the impact of a bad fall.


How Can You Alleviate Your Bandy Injuries?

Firstly, many of these injuries can be prevented either by playing sensibly and trying to avoid heavy collisions with opposing players, or good balance and skating skills.

If you do suffer an injury though, anything from ice packs, physiotherapy and stretching exercises can help you rehabilitate the injured area.

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