Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape is a revolutionary new product on the sports health market, and from its looks, you could cast it aside as a sham, but that’d be a mistake. In use in Japan since the mid eighties, and more recently popularized in North America through famous athletes in the Olympics and in professional sports, kinesiology tape is easily recognizable from its strange shapes and varied colors.

What you can’t see are the incredible benefits kinesiology tape offers for its wearer. Unlike traditional tape and strapping used to immobilize or support joints, kinesiology tape is non-restrictive, and offers therapeutic benefits which aid in the healing of all kinds of sports-related injuries and disorders. Some of the most common problems that kinesiology tape is used for include shin splints, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s elbow, sprains, lower back pain, and rotator cuff issues.

Kinesiology tape isn’t just used for injuries; it can also be put to work in performance improvement, activating or deactivating specific muscle groups for targeted training or to lower the chance of an injury. Other common applications include compression or decompression of an area, minimizing pain, promoting blood flow, and helping to cut inflammation by enabling lymph drainage. Pregnant women can also use kinesiology tape to take weight off their bellies, minimizing lower back pain and a host of other issues.

It’s no wonder that kinesiology tape has been called magical. One of the least costly and yet most effective therapies, kinesiology tape has no side effects and is wholly effective on its own, without the use of potentially harmful drugs or procedures. Moreover, it can be left on for days at a time, delivering benefits throughout.

Our therapists are trained to assess your specific issue and apply tape for the best possible results. You can book sport taping on it’s own or have it applied at the end of your massage treatment.

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