Complete Human Muscular System

The human muscular system is primarily tasked at generating movement and power. Of all the tissues in the human body, only muscles are capable of contracting, and leveraging bones, joints, and tendons to effect movement and handle loads. But that isn’t their only focus. Muscles also manage body positioning and posture, working tirelessly throughout the day to keep you upright and stable. Next, via the visceral and cardiac muscles, food and blood products are transported throughout the body to keep our cells nourished and active, and finally, our bodies are kept warm in cool environments; a by-product of muscle fibre friction.

  • Pronators Muscle

What is a Pronators Muscle

The pronator muscles are a group of muscles in the forearm that allow you to rotate your hand and wrist so that your palms face downward, a movement called pronation.

  • Supinator Muscle

What is a Supinator Muscle

The supinator muscle is a muscle located in the upper arm that is responsible for supination, which is the movement of the hand and forearm that turns the palm upwards.