Corporate Event Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

Corporate Event Massage for Any Event

Are you thinking about adding corporate event massage to your event? We’ll put together a team of Edmonton’s highest skilled registered massage therapists and bring them to you.  We can set up in any type of business or office to provide mini massage treatments personalized for each individual.  We can be there over lunch or stay for a while.

From seminars and trade shows to holiday parties and anniversary celebrations, massage therapy provides the cherry on top for any type of event. Massage boosts morale, increases motivation and productivity, relieves stress, and creates an overall positive environment. Give your guests that additional perk to take your event to the next level. 

Corporate Event Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

How Does It Work? – Corporate Event Massage

  1. You book us for your corporate or special event. 
  2. We bring our highly skilled registered massage therapists to you. All we need is a quiet corner to set up shop and work our magic.
  3. Our skilled massage therapists provide mini massage treatments personalized to each individual on-set via the use of our portable massage tables and chairs. 

Event Massage Delivers Benefits

Massage manages anxiety and depression. It can help control blood pressure, boost immunity, and improves blood circulation—all benefits that your customers can appreciate at any corporate event.

Event Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park
Event Chair Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

On-site Chair Massage

Depending on what your location and schedule dictate, our licensed massage therapists will provide your corporate event with chair massages or table massages. All we need is a quiet corner to set up.

Corporate Event Requirements

We only require enough space to work comfortably around our massage chair(s). Each chair requires approximately 4’x5’ space. For setup and teardown, we require 15 minutes before and after your event. If you have further questions regarding your corporate or special events, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

What Events Are Suitable for Mobile Massage?

What Events Are Suitable for Mobile Massage? 

  • Corporate Events 
  • Trade Shows 
  • Employee Appreciation Days 
  • Workplace Training Events 
  • Golf Tournaments 
  • Company BBQs 
  • Holiday Parties
  • Conferences or Seminars 
  • Grand Openings 
  • Brand or Product Launches 
  • Birthdays 
  • Anniversaries 
  • Fundraisers 
  • Sports Events 
  • Health or Wellness Fairs 
  • And Many More!

Providing massage at a corporate or special event sets your customers and guests into a positive frame of mind. Make this event your best one yet!