What is your sport: Curling

Curling is a sport played on ice. 2 teams consisting of 4 players take turns sliding flat stones down the ice surface toward a target circle. Team members use curling brooms to smooth the ice surface in front of the stone – controlling the speed and direction. The goal is to get the stone as close to the centre of the circle as possible.  

Curling requires a specific skill set. The person delivering the stone down the ice needs a certain level of balance to avoid wobble. Upper and lower body strength, as well as stamina, are also necessary attributes in the team members that perform the sweeping.  

curling injuries

Common Muscle Injuries from Curling

The most common curling injuries include: 

  • Low Back Strain: Squatting and bending over places strain on the low back. If the core is not strong, it leaves the area susceptible to injury.  
  • Lateral Elbow Tendonitis: This frequently occurs from overuse in sweeping. 
  • Knee Injuries: Similar to low back strains, knee injuries are common from squatting during a game. 
  • Hip Injuries: Groin strains or hip muscle strains are not uncommon curling injuries caused by the squatting movement required to deliver the stone. 
  • Rotator Cuff Injury: Again, sweepers are susceptible to injury in the shoulder due to overuse from the rapid sweeping movement. 

How Can You Alleviate Your Curling Injuries?

Proper technique and form is key in avoiding and alleviating injuries that occur in curling. Training off the ice can further help gain the necessary strength to return after injury. A proper recovery before you return to play is also important. Further, stretching before and after play is encouraged to decrease injury or future incidences of injury. 

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