What is your sport: Diving

Competitive diving is a hugely popular Olympic sport. It draws large audiences due to the excitement of the sport as a spectacle.

Launching oneself from a platform high above a swimming pool, the diver typically has to perform acrobatics during their descent to the water in order to score points on the judges’ scorecards.

Many factors come into play as to what entails a good dive. As is obvious to the audience, clean technique and a soft entry into the water (minimal splashing) is paramount to a great dive.

Yet from the perspective of the diver, there are many facets to the sport. Many athletes visualise their dive mentally beforehand, and have to generate sufficient power with their arms to achieve a greater leap from the springboard. Then, the diver must contort their body to attain perfect technique. They must do all this while keeping their toes pointed, body straight, and pulling off acrobatic moves complicated enough to impress the judges and achieve a high score.


Bowling Injuries

Main Muscles Used in Diving:

Common Muscle Injuries from Diving:

The most common diving injuries include:

  • Concussions – concussions can occur upon making head first impact with the water at high velocity.
  • Shoulder injury – due to the nature of tucks mid-dive and the impact on hitting the water, the shoulders are at risk of injury.
  • Back injury – arguably the most common type of injury suffered by divers. Back injuries usually occur over time or as a direct result of the impact with the water.
  • Wrist injury – the wrists can twist backwards upon entering the water, causing sprains and in some cases, more serious injury.

How Can You Alleviate Your Diving Injuries?

Diving injuries can be avoided with adequate pre-dive stretching, and a focus on good technique, particularly when it comes to entering the water at the end of a dive.

To reduce pain and aid recovery with diving based injuries, ice packs, physiotherapy, and massage are highly recommended, depending on the severity of the injury.

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