Extended Health Benefits

In this world of expenses and taxes, fees and payments, we need to do whatever we can to build on what we have and to make sure nothing gets left behind.   

Most people on this planet don’t have access to the high level of medical services and treatments we take for granted.  Here in Alberta, we’re very fortunate to have a health insurance plan that covers all our needs, from the family doctor to the emergency room and beyond. Of course, it doesn’t come free; we pay for these benefits through our taxes. Moreover, the coverage isn’t free-ranging; if you’re seeing a dentist, getting glasses, physical therapy, acupuncture or even massage, you’ll need to either purchase a private insurance plan, or look to your employer for extended benefits.

We work hard to get where we are.

Before I opened Athlete’s Choice Massage, I worked for several years at a clinic, and I always made a point of maximizing my extended benefits. And why not? We work hard to get where we are; benefits are simply a way for employers to reward us. Since then, I’ve been pushing people to do as I did, and for good reason; most extended benefits cover services which focus on preventative health – in other words, by using your benefits, you can improve your health and limit challenges in the future.

I have many friends and relatives who aren’t using their benefits and I’m not really sure why. If you guys are reading this, take the opportunity now to look at your benefit package. Make a list of the benefits available to you. Most plans cover a range of services – everything from glasses to orthotics and physical therapy.  Now look at the coverage (the reimbursement amount) for each service – again, the average is 80%. So for example, if you were to get a massage at Athlete’s Choice Massage, you would only have to pay 20% of the cost, or $18; not bad! The rest of the fee would be covered by your insurance provider.

Next, look at the coverage ceiling. For me, it was $1000. Once I hit $1000 in claims, my reimbursement amount increased from 80% to 100%. From then on, any claims I made (on any of the services covered by my plan) cost me $0. In my case, I needed to get some very expensive dental work done. 20% of that fee would have been a lot of money, but since I had already hit my $1000 ceiling, my dental work was fully covered. And that put some glitter in my smile. So you see, it really pays to stay on top of your benefits.

Now you need to know how the insurance company handles claims. In the past you would pay the full amount ‘from your pocket’ and then submit a claim.  Nowadays, most providers are technologically savvy enough that you no longer have to go through that lengthy process and have to wait for reimbursement.  Here at Athlete’s Choice Massage, we offer the convenience of Direct Billing so you don’t have to wait. Plus, our professional services are covered by most extended benefit plans.

Finally and most importantly right now, check the benefit termination date; typically, extended benefits reset at the end of the year. If you don’t use them you lose them.  Don’t miss your chance to reap the rewards of your hard work.  If your benefit plans include massage, book online now.

I look forward to seeing you soon,



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  • Angela Mockford

Angela Mockford

Angela Mockford is the perfect example that it’s never too late to start paving your way toward a healthier and happier life.