Foot Pain

Symptom – Are you experiencing Foot Pain?

Foot pain is a common symptom in today’s society. Improper footwear, bad posture, and poor biomechanics are frequently to blame. The most common cause of foot pain is plantar fasciitis. Your feet may ache and feel stiff first thing in the morning. However, as the day progresses, the pain may subside.

But, what else could be causing your foot pain?

Other common causes of foot pain include arthritis, achilles tendonitis, bunions, gout, fractures, and more. Foot injuries are often caused by overuse. The best way to get down to the root of

the problem is to visit your family doctor. They will make sure you get the right course of treatment for your condition.

How can you tackle your foot pain once and for all?

Stretching and massage can frequently help relieve minor foot aches and pains. Massage can help reduce inflammation and increase blood flow, encouraging the healing process. Visit our clinic today and book your appointment with one of our registered massage therapists. Click the book now button below to get started.


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