How Long Does a Torn Muscle Take to Heal?

You were running or perhaps you were lifting weights. Suddenly, you feel pain. You try to move your arm or leg but it hurts. It may even feel weak and sore. In some cases, you might not be able to move your affected limb at all.

And if you can’t move your arm or leg, it’s very likely that you’ve torn the muscle – also known as a Grade II or Grade III muscle strain.

Torn Muscle

While mild strains may resolve all on their own within a few weeks, muscle tears usually take a little longer.  Below, we take a closer look at the symptoms and causes of a muscle tear, and then we’ll dive into the stages of recovery and treatment. 

Symptoms and Causes of a Muscle Tear 

Muscle tears can happen suddenly or develop over a period of time due to repetitive stress. For example, a tear may happen due to: 

  • Not performing a proper warm-up 
  • A lack of flexibility 
  • Overuse 
  • A fall 
  • Throwing movements 
  • Lifting heavy objects 
  • Poor posture 
  • Or holding your back or neck in a set position for too long. 

Many of these movements or issues place stress on the muscles, eventually causing them to tear. You may feel sudden pain at the time of injury. If a tear has occurred, bruising will appear due to damaged blood vessels. Your range of motion may become reduced. And the affected limb may feel weak to move or may be unmovable, depending on the severity of the tear. 

 So, how long does a torn muscle take to heal? For severe muscle tears, it may take several months before you’re back to normal. These months will involve rehabilitation and treatment, which are discussed in the following section. 

Treatment for a Muscle Tear 

If you suspect the muscle is torn, seek out immediate consultation with your doctor or a healthcare professional. An X-ray or MRI may be conducted to determine the severity of the injury, as well as decide on a suitable treatment plan. In some cases, such as a full muscle tear, surgery may be required before physical therapy. 

 Physical therapy involves progressive exercises and manual techniques to get you back to your normal. Your physical therapist will guide you through a rehabilitation program to build strength around the injured area and to promote healing. 

 Massage therapy may further help in the mid-later stages of recovery. Massage therapy techniques can help further progress healing by increasing blood flow to the area, draining fluids or toxins, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and decreasing pain. However, for more acute strains, massage therapy may be utilized earlier on. 

 If you’ve recently experienced a muscle strain or a torn muscle, Athlete’s Choice Massage is ready to help you. Our team strives to get each and every client back to feeling their best – without pain standing in the way. Safely get back to the activities you know and love. Book your next appointment with Athlete’s Choice Massage in Edmonton today! 

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