Hip Flexor Muscle

Hip Flexor Muscle

DEFINITION – What does Hip Flexor mean?

Any movement that cuts the angle between bones at a joint is called flexion and is typically initiated by contracting muscles, aptly called flexors. Enabling the femur to flex to the pelvis due to its attachment at the hip joint, the hip flexors effectively bring the knee upwards. The hip flexors consist of three main muscle groups that effectively drive the knee upwards; the iliopsoas, within which are the iliac muscle and the psoas, the Sartorius muscle which is attached to the forward superior iliac crest, and the Rectus Femoris which is one of the four quadriceps muscles.

FUNCTION – Hip Flexor Muscle

The latter muscle of above, the Rectus Femoris, is the only Quadriceps that crosses the hip joint, and this unique aspect allows it to function as both a knee flexor and an extensor.


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